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Designing In The Shade

What could have been a dark colorless shade garden has been transformed by the design group of Janet Rosenberg & Studio. It all began by cutting back the existing shrub border to make way for white flowering shrubs and variegated plantings, a big key to making this design feel brighter and more airy. Small pops of color planted where they will get a fair amount of sun round out the design.
With the shrubs cut back and boxwood planted following the shapes of the hardscape, a stronger classic design was created. Some thing to be considered if a renovation to a more classic design is on the horizon.

all images via Janet Rosenberg & Studio


  1. What a lovely post! I'm sure we will be great friends as well!

    1. Thanks Melissa,

      I am now following your post as well.

  2. Dear Maryanne, these beautiful images are inspirational and lovely. I have a shade garden and can appreciate the challenges it presents, so I am always thrilled to see how others have adapted to it...thank you, N.

  3. Thanks Nella, any help I can offer, please feel free to ask.