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Location, Location, Location

image via kean development
Before size & shape,  Location , the first and formost decision to make when dreaming swimming pools.

 image via kean development
                images via kean development

When choosing a pool location keep in mind that across most of the country you will be staring at a pool cover 6 months out of the year. If  local codes allow and space is not an issue try situating the pool in an area of the yard not visable from your more formal rooms. Makes for easier fencing, which I always suggest as well as the fall football games. 
image via honeyman


  1. Beautiful post! I would choose #3....it reminds me of summers in the Hamptons when I lived in NYC. Hope all is well with you! I've got my gardens going on St. Simons Island....love it!

  2. So true if you live East of the Mississipi or anywhere else for that matter...the pool never looks perfect 365 days unless you live in the tropics!!