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A Cultural Landscape

The colors of Cuba, faded , languid, lush, electric, and fluid. An elegance of a bygone era still alive in Michael Eastman's photos of a cultural landscape no longer. 

Greens, blues and golds, botanical, aged and decayed creating a garden of a different sort. Definitely on my bucket list.


  1. I have a friend whose family fled Cuba when she was three, after her dad spent four years in one of Castro's work camps. Her house in Austin is painted with those beautiful deep, saturated colors!

    1. I have seen this done in California a great deal, homes painted more or less reminiscent of a persons homeland. A nice way of sharing I feel.

  2. I love this………it is so me!GORGEOUS photos……the patine ,the colors…………LOVE IT!

  3. Thrilled you love this...so do I!!! and at first was hesitant about posting, but again loved the colors as well any and all abandon buildings.

  4. I have seen your blog and It's awesome . I love this. Pictures are very beautiful. If these are real then love see that place. Designs are very pretty. You should follow my blog http://designaddictmom.blogspot.com