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Gimme Me Shelter

Now that the over all rear yard design is complete and approved, I am just about to put pencil to paper and begin details on what will be a pool house with some sort of covered, open air area attached. With the hot muggy summers we most times get here on the North Shore of Long Island, I am hoping for a closed roof so that ceiling fans can be incorporated. Not only do they cool and move the air, they also seem to  help with moving the summer insect population along. 
When designing pool houses, cabanas, and any other accessory structure that might be included in your design, my one suggestion is to try to mimic the existing architecture you already have. Taking bits and pieces of the details already established helps to bring the whole look together as one coherent thought rather than someone's after thought.
I have always felt that admiring  the entire property as a whole makes for a better over all design.

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                                                     Part of the conceptual drawing ready for details.


  1. Lovely, Maryanne! I agree it must encompass the entire package of one's home....is the timber outdoor room Bunny William's design...love it! Thank you for these lovely images...N.

  2. Thanks Nellie, I know it is similar to Bunny Williams Pantheon, but not as detailed as hers, but lovely just the same.