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 MWhite design is an award winning professional design-build firm specializing in Classic Traditional as well as Classic Modern landscape design.
A collaborative effort between designer and client, each design is specific to site, scale, architecture and agriculture, as well as budget of the client. 
The services I offer are as follows:

In House and On Site Designing:
 We start with an initial in house consultation (billed at an hourly rate of $100.00), where we go over needs, wants and preferences, as well making  recommendations on plants and hardscapes to be used.
After the initial consultation,if a design is needed, a visit to the site may be required depending on the scope of the work. Once measurements and grades are verified, a set of preliminary designs are drawn-up, reviewed and changes made.
These changes are then incorporated into a Master Plan. It is this plan which will be colored, and include specific plants and hardscapes as well as recommendations on materials and any other instructions you might need in order to execute the design.
You may then use your own landscape contractor or one specifically recommended by us from our licensed and insured professional team to do the installation. Master Plans start at $1200.00 on the average for a front and rear design, $500 for a front design.
Having a Master Plan to follow whether the installation is done immediately or over the course of a few years will in the long run save you from costly mistakes as well as create a cohesive flow through out your landscape. 

Because Master Plans are not always necessary , several different services are available.

Design consultation
This is based on an hourly fee of $150.00, with $75.00 for each additional hour. We walk the site and discuss changes and add- ons which will renew and revitalize your garden.  Many times all that is needed is removal of a few tired shrubs, additional planting, pruning and some color. All of which are addressed in the consultation. Recommendations on garden accessories as well as garden furniture are also included.

Specifically designed areas
This fee is based on the size and detail of the area  with an average price of $500.00. This would include Front Entry Plantings, Side Yards, Vegetable Gardens, Perennial Borders, Patio & Porch Furnishings & Planters. A set of four detailed plans with measurements and recommendations as well as elevations if needed, are included with this service.

Hardscape Designs: 
This fee is based on size and detail of project with an average fee of $500.00 This would include Masonry and or Stone Walls, Fencing, Gates, Trellising,  Ponds, Decks, Patios,Walks, Outdoor Rooms, Pergolas, Pavilions, BBQ and Garden Buildings.  A set of four detailed drawings and elevations if needed, are included with this service.


E-mail Questions:
There are times when an actual plan is not needed from me, but rather verification or second opinion on an existing design or one not yet executed. This would include plantings as well as hardscapes, colors and accessories. This can be done via email ( not a live call) for $50.00 per question. An investment in a email can many times save you from a mistake as well as disappointment. I am very honest in my opinions and will give you both the pros and cons of whatever it is you are questioning.

One Hour Phone Consultations:
If you need help choosing plants for a certain area as well as materials, colors and finishes a one hour consultation would work well. In the hour we will go through not only the material being used, but go through the project, creating a workable time frame and game plan for the installation. Here we would also choose a garden theme and an overall direction to take with the project. 
This option works well for those gardens that need a little boost as well as those that have been neglected. One hour consultations are $250.00 with 75.00 for an additional hour.

Full E-Design Landscape Plans:
Full landscape plans start at $500.00 and can go up to $1500.00 depending on the size and scope of your project. Full landscape plans include plantings and list, hardscapes and any measurements your contractor may need, as well as choice of materials. This would also include any phone calls and or emails we would need to get the project completed. I am not opposed to speaking with the contractor as well on your behalf in order to convey an idea and or issue you might have during the installation. With full landscape plans it will be necessary for you to supply photos, a legible survey and any measurements I might need,

With over 30 years designing landscapes bot on the east and west coast, as well as internationally my approach is both professional as well as friendly and personal. I take great pride in both detail and workmanship in every phase of the project.

I can be reached at mwhite8410@gmail.com

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