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Painting With Plants

Henri Rousseau, French, Post Impressionist, Primitive Painter

Conrad McCormick "Coast of Northern Ireland"
image via Carolyn Mullet

Landscape design an art form using plants as the medium of artistic expression.


Happy Spring

anne johnson design

Wishing each and everyone a warm and sunny spring!


Bloom and Bloom Again

Bloom-a-thon, Boomerang, Lo-& Behold, Oso Easy,  Blue Moon, 
Rebloomers, Cycle Bloomers, Repeaters, All-season Bloomers.

When designing, I tend to be a bit of a "purist", which leads me to the question of whether or not a garden should be designed and plants chosen to celebrate a particular season, then have these plants gracefully bow out, allowing the next season to take hold,..........Or............... should caution be thrown to the wind, and a repeat bloomer be chosen instead, extending their blooming season and be allowing them to mingle among the next seasons blooms?




All above photos,  just a small sample of the available repeat bloomers available in nurseries today.

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Happy weekend

 Art Luna

Anduze Urn with Burro Tail succulent

Wishing you rest,  peace and sunshine this weekend.


Art Luna Garden

A strong structural foundation,  first and foremost,  is evident in Santa Monica based landscape designer Art Luna's gardens. 

Taking his cue from the typical classic design model, Luna begins with structure,  creating room upon room with trees, hedging and shrubs. 

To this he adds his own unique stamp of texture, a mix of sustainable, arid and Brazilian  rain forest  vegetation, creating a one of a kind lush, vibrant setting for his clients. 

By adding the classic Moroccan and Portuguese themes, seen often in Luna's work, the overall design is strengthened and stabilized, giving weight and purpose to the plant material, as well as the hardscapes. 

.................and yes, this is the same  Art Luna, hairdresser to some of Hollywood's top stars

If you would like to add a more Classical feel to your garden please contact me for further information at mwhite841@verizon.net


First Impressions

Nneglected,  forgotten,  and often times not even considered,  curb side landscaping is what gives us our first impressions.  Way before a visitor has reached the front door an idea of who lives inside has been determined.

An important feature to the overall design of your property,  curb side landscaping should be designed with the same care and attention you give to the rest of your project. 

It should reflect in someway the rest of the landscape design, be it repeating masonry elements or certain plants.   

An excellent way of highlighting your home from the rest of the existing residences,  is to add your  stamp to this area.  A specimen tree,  uplighting,  brick or wood entry piers, entry gates,  or plantings can all serve to make the cubside landscape unique and truly yours. 
 diane terry

If you would like to add a more Classical feel to your garden please contact me for further information at mwhite841@verizon.net


The Wonderful World of Paul Bangay

With a semblance of order taking shape ..........., mom coming to live with us, 3 major designs, my life in France and my son once again deploying, all have knocked me off course more than I would like to admit......... my life is once again on track. 

With a little luck and a lot less drama I will hopefully find the time to once again share with you my many years of design as well as continue to introduce not only new but not so new designers works to admire as well as learn from.

While away I stumbled upon an interview with Australia's best, the amazing Paul Bangay. In the video he dicusses a bit about himself as well as some of the whys and wherefores of his designs. Well worth watching if not for what Bangay says, then for the beautiful inspiring work. I especially love the front courtyard design with all the wonderful deep orange planters. Stunning!


Now if only spring would come!