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And The Winner Is

Maria’s VIP Collection - Neutrals, Colours & Darks
The winner of the Maria Killam of"Color Me Happy" Color Core Boards is Tawna Allred from Tawna Allred Interiors.
Thank you to all who left a message and became a member. I truly appreciate it.

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Happy Halloween

image via art&architecture

I couldn't help but share this whimsical entry gate with you today. If anyone knows the where's and why's please feel free to post.

I will be announcing the winner of  Maria Killam  from the "Color Me Happy" blog http://www.mariakillam.com/blog/   Color Boards later today. Thank you all for participating in the drawing

Enjoy the Day!


Autumn Image

                                              “L'automne est un deuxième ressort où                                                chaque feuille est une fleur.” 
                                                                                                                  ― Albert Camus
 An autumn garden by the California design firm of Deborah Carl Landscape Design

If you haven't already registered to be in the running for Maria Killam's Color Board Give Away it isn't too late. All that is needed is for you to be a  following member on my blog and leave a message. The Winner will be announced on Oct 31


Lane Goodkind & Santa Barbara

In the process of beginning a new e-design for a client, I came across the work of the Santa Barbara  landscape architect firm of Lane Goodkind. I was immediately taken by the simplicity and understated elegance of their designs.

 With a deep understanding of the natural area around them, as well as the use of plants and hardscapes indigenous to the area, they create not only sustainable landscapes but  seamless transitions from that which is man-made to that which nature has created. 

Goodkinds quote " Our work begins with the premise that careful stewardship of the landscape is vital to our physical and spiritual well-being." had me thinking.

 Shouldn't it be this way with all landscape design? Whether designing landscapes in the arid rocky South West  or the small fishing villages of the North East,  shouldn't it ultimately reflect it's surroundings ?

 A landscape designers first and foremost decision should be to identify the area around them taking into consideration not only the residence , but the neighborhood and the surrounding geography, using what is,  as opposed to creating something that never would have been. 

Only then can a design be created that will enhance and heighten and be " The Best of What it Could Be"

all photos via Lane Goodkind Landscape Architects

If you haven't already registered to be in the running for Maria Killam's Color Board Give Away it isn't too late. All that is needed is for you to be a  following member on my blog and leave a message. The Winner will be announced on Oct 31


Thank You!

image via ikea

A heart felt thank you to all who have graciously left  a message, and become a member. I have heard from a few that it was more than difficult to leave a message and for some the message never appeared.
 I do apologize, I too have replied to a number of comments, only to find them missing as well, I am truly sorry.  I will try to  re-trace my steps and see if I can once again answer each question. For now I am "basking in the glow' so to speak, at all your wonderful comments. Being a new blogger can sometimes be intimidating, not being sure if what I have to say has any meaning and who my audience actually is. Thank you for turning that around.


A Celebrations Going On!

Back from a much needed vacation with "Mr. French", revived and renewed after a very busy design season and Celebrating my first year
 Blog Anniversary.  

As part of this celebration the oh so talented designer and color expert Maria Killam from "Color Me Happy" http://www.mariakillam.com/blog/ has graciously offered to be my very first blog guest. 

As many of you might know one of my design projects this season was working with Maria on creating a garden that would not only remain in budget but also reflect the amazing job she had created with the interior of her new home. A true testement as to what is possible with On-Line-Design.

Thank you again Maria for accepting my offer, it was truly an honor to work with you.

When Mary Anne White sent me the drawings for the design of my front and back yard last year I was immediately enchanted with what it could be. It was so hard for me to visualize anything because I'm not a landscape designer, nor did I remotely have the time to try and figure any of it out myself. Well the expression "Always get a professional to do what you can't do professionally yourself" was so true here. Mary Anne was so great to work with, one day she asked me if it was worth it for me to work with her on-line given that she was in New York and I am in Vancouver and I said "Of course, your aesthetic so lined up with mine, it made it so much easier to just do exactly what you specified instead of stressing over every detail and second guessing everything. I could just manage the installation and let the garden just turn into a thing of beauty because I trusted your expertise." Here is the extraordinary result: Before
The day we took possession.
After we pulled out all the old and nasty shrubs.
The empty palette.
Garden Transformation
Here's another view of the front of the house.
Side entrance to the backyard - Before
New Gate
What do Hostas and Subway Tile have in Common
Boring Now Equals Classic Later
And then the backyard transformation:
On-line Garden Transformation
Our Brand New Vegetable Garden: Before & After
Danger: Your Designer has Left the Building
Danger: Your Designer has Left the Building
Online Garden Transformation
Danger: Your Designer has Left the Building
My Design Studio: Before & AFter
My design Studio - Before
My Design Studio: Before, During & After
My Design Studio: Before & After
We had a lot of concrete which is why there was nothing about this garden that could happen a little bit each year. That's why we ripped it all out and started again.
My Design Studio: Before, During & After
Every day when I drive up to my house, I feel so fortunate that I was able to work with someone as talented and experienced as Mary Anne White.
Thanks Mary Anne for my extraordinary garden

To continue this Celebration and my many Thanks to all of you for making this year a success in so many ways , a set of Maria's VIP Color Core Boards a $297.00 value have been chosen as a giveaway.
Maria’s VIP Collection - Neutrals, Colours & Darks

 I know all of you who have attended Maria's seminars can attest to the importance these boards have when designing interiors. All that is required to be in the running is to follow my blog, become a member and leave a message . The winner will be announced October 31.

Again , Thank You