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Happy Friday

image via hoerr schaudt landscape architects

 I have been a little more than distracted this week....my son is just back from Afghanistan.....but wanted to share this "sitting room" with you. I have always loved the idea of bringing indoor furniture outdoors but have been hesitant in doing so. Seeing these pieces with the skirted cushions seemed like a good alternative. I of course would add more pillows and a throw, but that is just me. The fireplace and vined trellis .....gorgeous!
I so wish I could see more of this space.


  1. Huge big news, Maryanne! Take time to enjoy everything with him, we can all just wait for you to come back with lots of good times to tell us about. Now, about that outdoor room...I wish I could have something like this. Alas, in Houston having a fireplace outside seems absurd, but isn't it beautiful? xx's

  2. For me, the furniture is too heavy. Massive. Uncomfortable for quick adjustment.
    Thank you for so much beauty .... Yours sincerely Mrs.