Cliff Maiden

image via la paisajista

  Lewisia cotyledon a evergreen perennial alpine, also known as "Cliff Maiden" is a native to Oregon and California.  Only 12" in height, it flowers from spring to summer, producing as many as 50 flowers on one stem. Given sun and a well drained location, this tiny treasure works well in most rock and succulent gradens.


  1. Amazing pic. Literally looks like a painting.


    Garden & Be Welll, XOT

  2. That is a pretty flower, have never seen it before.
    Saint Theresa was my childhood Saint. Thanks
    for the information and post. yvonne

  3. almost an Asian feel to it, doesnt it.? St Theresa has been my favorite saint since my school days, and continues to be. Thnaks for stopping by. Maryanne

  4. I am going to try and find this to plant around our water feature. It will be so striking. We live in Washington State, the dry desert side of the mountains and I think this will do very well here.