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Downton's Rose

Anna - Downton Abbey Photo Credit: NICK BRIGGS.
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For Downton fans, Season 4 brings with it a new rose, Anna's Promise. 

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California rose breeder, Weeks Rose has signed an exclusive agreement to create a series of Downton Abbey Roses.  Anna's Promise, the first in the Downton series is a grandiflora growing to a height of 6' with a fruity fragrance and a color combination of golden tan, pink & bronze. 
Anna's Promise is due for an early release this fall, but will have an official coming out in 2015.
According to Weeks marketing manager Karen Kemp-Docksteader,  the rose is a pink with a bronze reverse, elegant and sweet just like the character it is named for. "Our Downton Abbey Roses will be elegant, beautiful and romantic, but also surprisingly dramatic and tenacious....just like the show and characters that so many have come to love." If you pop over to Redneck Rosarian's blog you will not only be able to hear the podcast interview they did with Kemp-Docksteader, last October but also get some great rose growing tips as well.

Product Information:
Class: Grandiflora
Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Bloom Time: Summer
Size: Bareroot
Zones: 4-10
Height: 4-6'

Anna's Promise Rose - Weeks Roses

As I ponder why the character Anna was chosen first and why a multicolor rose, I wait with "bated breath" for tomorrow night and the beginning of yet another season.


  1. Beautiful blog and post. Thank you for visiting and letting me find you!

  2. I am not a big modern rose fan but a grandiflora in this color combination intrigues me. Have you seen it in person? I wonder what it's habit is? Can't wait for the start of the new Downton Season! Happy New Year Mary Ann!!

  3. We all love that Anna and you can bet we will watch her tonight.
    Fantastic idea about the roses.
    Good luck in the New Year yvonne

    1. I am guessing this is why her character was represented first.
      Happy Viewing this evening!

  4. What a beautiful rose...I can hardly wait for the warm spring days and my first rose blossoms!!