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vegetable gardens

Once again, I have been asked to start work on a few new designs for vegetable gardens......the dead of the winter seems to bring out the vegetable garden in most clients....maybe all those wonderful seed catalogs spilling out of the post each morning.....

In any event I came across this contemporary design by the landscape firm of  del Buono - Gazerwitz  for the 2008 Chelsea Garden Show.  A British based firm Tomasso del Buono  (Italian) and Paul Gazerwitz ( American) both worked for Arabella Lennox-Boyd before starting their own firm in 2000 in London. 

To quote the partnership "We like to think we don’t have a fixed style but favour clean lines, playing with scale and proportions, beautiful materials, unfussy detailing and giving our gardens a strong structure to support more, softer planting. When possible, we like designing bespoke furniture, gates and containers." 

 All is evident in the use of simple strong  contemporary shapes  to juxtapose the billows of nature's bounty. Not your typical vegetable garden by any means, but a series of "rooms" to not only garden in but entertain in as well. What could be better.


  1. Natalie, vos jardins sont formidables! L'espalier m'enchante! Anita

  2. I like this idea, patio and the basket garden,
    nice you don't have to bend over so far to weed.
    No kidding it is lovely.

  3. So many of my favorite images here! I don't know how willow holds up on the East Coast but here t only lasts a couple of years! Sure love the look though

  4. Somehow in my mind I have this beautiful garden, kitchen one included, but in reality I am so challenged when it comes to gardening. One of my hopes for this year is to work on this area. You have amazing inspiration for me!!

  5. OMG, this garden is like form fairytale.. amazing!

    Greetings, Caroline
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