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In The Cotswolds

The design team of Dan Pearson have recreated the gardens of what is said to be the home of the original "Alice" of wonderland fame. This historic Georgian rectory was once home to the Reverend Edward Litton and his little daughter Alice. A good friend, Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll  was a frequent visitor to the home, and it is said that the Reverend's daughter was the inspiration for his heroine in "Alice in Wonderland".

Pearson's design team chose to replace by piece meal areas overgrown and no longer workable with upright perennials in shades of blue, white and purple with touches here and there of yellow. Horizontal planes of clipped boxwood add formality and structure to the garden, something I myself prefer most times. Doing this keeps the perennials from becoming a jumbled mess over time. If  hedging is not in the design plan then planting large groups of the same plant within the assorted perennial borders will  also help to keep semblance of order and a more formal look.


  1. I love a wonderfully planted out garden but know next to nothing about gardening. Thanks to your beautiful posts though I now have many great ideas. This garden by the way is just lovely. Sylvia

  2. Thank you Sylvia, any time you need some advice and or have a question about a design or garden, feel free to ask. I am always more than delighted to offer my assistance.

  3. That's an incredibly beautiful garden!!

  4. So sorry it's been awhile since I've visited, my friend. Work/Life/Blogs...sometimes everything else wins doesn't it?
    Beautiful post. I love English gardens very much. I think I admire their naturalness.