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Classic Gardens


With its roots extending back to the Greco-Roman period, where strong architectural features were implemented,  The Classic  Garden can best be described as man's dominance over nature. 
The endless appeal to this day of a combination of mathematical simplicity, nature and art are the basis to this design. 
The key to this type of design lays in precise planning and thought, with these basic key elements at its core. Those elements being line, geometry, symmetry, water , structure and nature.
Over the next few posts I will discuss each element, how and why it was originally used, how it is being used today in the traditional classic garden as well as the contemporary classic garden, and how you might interpret it in your own garden.
By following a few of the basic design elements that will be discussed, it is my hope that my readers will be able to recreate such a garden in there own setting and call it their own.


100th Post Celebration

There is still time left to register for the 100th Post Celebration, the drawing will be Friday, June 28th. All you need do is be a follower of "The Garden" as well as "Splenderosa" to be in the running.
The winner will be announced on Saturday, June 29th


  1. Hi Maryanne, these images are really lovely and make me thing of times spent in Italy. Sometimes i wish I could reproduce something like this in my gardens in Vancouver or Oxford, but it really is better to work within the framework and practicality of what works best in which country, don't you think? I always think there's a possibility of building a white elephant. :)

  2. I agree about the "white elephant" Veronica, but also believe that the elements that I hope to cover over the next few weeks can be modified to work with just about any style home and or climate. Something I hope readers will be able to walk away with is the knowledge of just how to modify a classic elemen tand make it their own even on a postage size lot.

  3. What gorgeous, gorgeous gardens and I especially love a parterre garden! So dreaming of the day when my yard is lush and full of boxwood gardens and hydrangeas!