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Fifth and Final Element


The fifth and final element in the classic garden is  Structure .
This can include not only structural forms as we know it but sculpture as well.

 Some of the earliest landscapes, dating back to ancient times were created for the sole purpose of deity worship. The display of  gods and goddesses, the central theme of these gardens.
Over time these gods were replaced by the perfect human form, as well as bits and pieces of mans creations, making it  no longer a place of worship but one  of contemplation and relaxation, and the garden we know today.

 Just as line geometry and symmetry give strength, movement and foundation to the classic garden, Structure and Sculpture give it  character and organic form creating a natural focal point within the garden. Drawing attention to itself as the only man made element in the garden, it creates not only grace and sophistication but whimsy as well,  humanizing the garden

If you would like to add a more Classical feel to your garden please contact me for further information at mwhite841@verizon.net


  1. Once again, your choice of photos is perfect but please tell us more about these kneeling men ...!

  2. Thank you...arent they wonderful!, they are from the sculpture garden at Pratt Institute here in Brooklyn NY . Attached is a like to the garden.