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Mistletoe & Holly

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" Oh by gosh by golly, it's time for Mistletoe & Holly". 

Ever wonder why both Mistletoe and Holly hold such importance during the Christmas season?  

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 Well the "short " on the mistletoe goes something like this. Because mistletoe is a semi-parasite, and grows on oak trees having no roots at first of its own, the Druids, ......yes it was revered way back when, .......felt it had magical powers and so would gather it during the mid winter solstice and hang it in doorways to ward off evil spirits. 
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It is also said that the goddess Frigga in an attempt to save her son, who had been killed by an arrow made of Mistletoe wood, wept over the plant and her son was saved...... Ah, a mother's love! ..... Frigga so grateful made the plant a symbol of love and had all the other gods kiss under it. Why today it is a symbol of peace and love, and why so many believe a kiss under it holds magical powers.

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As for the holly, the Druids, .......yes, those ever popular Druids again,....... considered holly sacred. Being evergreen as well as producing berries, it was a symbol of fertility as well as good luck,  and so  it's branches were cut and brought inside not only for luck but protection as well. The Romans believed Holly to be the sacred plant of Saturn and so during Saturnaila festivals gave wreaths of holly to adorn images of Saturn with it. 
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Over time like so many pagan rites and rituals they have been blended  and meshed into some of the most wonderful of holiday traditions we know today. 

Wishing you the very best of love under the mistletoe this season.

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