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Ringing In The New Year

Though I have not posted  as much as I would have liked to, 
wanted to,
 planned to,
 and wished to this year,
 it has been a GREAT design year for me.

Not only was I able to offer E-Designs, I was able to juggle and design both in New York 
and in France.

Along the way I met some of the nicest clients a designer could have hoped for,
 making this year all the more rewarding. 
Your comments and suggestions as well as friendships have been a big part of why I continue, 
and I thank you all for sharing with me and for being a part of my year.

I am looking forward to the new year with a
 renewed sense of purpose as well as a
New Blog Format.
 We will be exploring new and upcoming designers,
 new design styles, 
and some new and old design theories.
 New plants available at market as well as new products I have been working with this past year, will also be included.

 A New Web Site,  
Question and Answer Column 
 Newsletter & Reader's Gardens
will also be included.
 Book and garden accessory 
will happen at the end of each month for those who have joined the site, so do sign on and leave a comment.

 Making 2015 a year to remember.

Wishing you health,
 creative genius,
 and love,  for the coming year.



  1. Looking forward to seeing all that is coming from you in 2015!

    1. Thanks Marsha,........ With a bit more organization, hopefully it will happen

      Wishing you all the very best of the New Year.

  2. Hi Maryann

    Happy New Year! I am so glad you are reworking your blog. I have tried to leave comments several times and they have not appeared!

    1. And Happy New Year to you as well Cindy! Hopefully all is corrected now and you got my "Congrats" on the magazine as well as the plant....Brazilian Pepper Tree.

      All the best for the New Year, Maryanne

  3. Isn't it unbelievable! 2015. Never thought I'd be able to see it.
    Sending love and may all your dreams come true this year,

    1. All the best to you in 2015 as well Yvonne.
      I try not to take much notice of the actual year....just a bit too surreal in some ways for me.!