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Great Bones

image petit villandry

    image pinmarket

image susan stock

Flying back into NYC this morning having avoided the snow in Paris, I was delighted to see that winter had graced the city with a bit of a light dusting. A wonderful opportunity to once again  view the actual bones of a garden. Colors & textures normally seen are now obscured and quieted from view and we are able to study the line and shape that makes up good design.


  1. Maryanne, this is just beautiful & I had never thought of seeing gardens in exactly this way.

  2. Love your blog header Maryanne! It's always great to see what works through the eyes of a professional!! xo Maria

  3. What beautiful images Maryanne ....... snow just puts another dimension on things doesn't it ? ..... and it makes everything look so magical. Came over to see you via Marsha..... have fun blogging ! XXXX

    1. Thank you for stopping by Jacqueline and a very Happy Birthday!