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The Visions of Anthony Paul


A look into the world of British Designer Anthony Paul

Restrained and requiring little maintenance based on simple shapes, forms and color,  Anthony Paul creates a  contemporary landscape that meshes seamlessly with nature. The key to achieving this is to keep the palette simple, and use only those materials and plants that look natural in the existing environment.
An example of this is the use of  a variety of grasses and rush, as well as a weathered woods, natural stone and water, all repeated numerous times throughout the garden to strengthen the overall design. Note that even the perimeter fencing has been taken into consideration and rather than being hidden by shrubs becomes a part of the overall repeated element of the weathered greyed woods 

 By then adding the clipped hedging and bleached trees a juxtaposition or as I like to call it the yin/yang of  successful planning is created giving the entire project the architectural excitement needed to create great design.

"The way a garden sits in the landscape is my main concern. I sometimes feel that I fill the foreground like a stage and the background is done by a far bigger hand than mine,"  Anthony Paul

photos Anthony Paul


  1. What a stunning green space!! The grass looks so lush, almost begging you to lie down and take a nap!
    Thank you for stopping by today, hope you are having a super day!

  2. Interesting restraint compared to Antony's first garden which I visited years ago. He's becoming more practical!

  3. Very true, This one is my favorite for the simple mass plantings as well as the sculptural effect the hardscapes have.