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Thank You!

image via ikea

A heart felt thank you to all who have graciously left  a message, and become a member. I have heard from a few that it was more than difficult to leave a message and for some the message never appeared.
 I do apologize, I too have replied to a number of comments, only to find them missing as well, I am truly sorry.  I will try to  re-trace my steps and see if I can once again answer each question. For now I am "basking in the glow' so to speak, at all your wonderful comments. Being a new blogger can sometimes be intimidating, not being sure if what I have to say has any meaning and who my audience actually is. Thank you for turning that around.


  1. I think you have lots to say and a style that speaks for itself. Be true to your heart!

  2. Don't worry, Maryanne, blogging is a learned skill. You're doing great!

  3. Dear Margaret...I love everything about this photo...my colour palette completely...enjoy your blog very much...N.xo

  4. Maryanne, Your blog is wonderful! This picture is so serene that I wish I could be there right now.!

    Lucy Haines

  5. Congratulations on your year as a blogger. I am glad to have just found you, as I LOVE to read garden blogs!