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Lane Goodkind & Santa Barbara

In the process of beginning a new e-design for a client, I came across the work of the Santa Barbara  landscape architect firm of Lane Goodkind. I was immediately taken by the simplicity and understated elegance of their designs.

 With a deep understanding of the natural area around them, as well as the use of plants and hardscapes indigenous to the area, they create not only sustainable landscapes but  seamless transitions from that which is man-made to that which nature has created. 

Goodkinds quote " Our work begins with the premise that careful stewardship of the landscape is vital to our physical and spiritual well-being." had me thinking.

 Shouldn't it be this way with all landscape design? Whether designing landscapes in the arid rocky South West  or the small fishing villages of the North East,  shouldn't it ultimately reflect it's surroundings ?

 A landscape designers first and foremost decision should be to identify the area around them taking into consideration not only the residence , but the neighborhood and the surrounding geography, using what is,  as opposed to creating something that never would have been. 

Only then can a design be created that will enhance and heighten and be " The Best of What it Could Be"

all photos via Lane Goodkind Landscape Architects

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  1. Replies
    1. Just as they should! Some landscapes just scream out for this kind of design.

  2. I can't agree more with Goodkinds quote..I try to remember this philosophy every time I am tempted with ideas that do not remotely resemble my surroundings...stewardship we are given of our little plots of earth is a serious undertaking, N.

    1. Serious yes, if we are going to keep this planet for generations to come.

  3. Maryann I adore his work...enjoyed this post immensely!!

  4. So do I Cindy...by accident I found his website and was so impressed with the subtly with which he designs.

  5. Lovely, it blends so well with the natural Southern California landscape. The photo with the mountains in the background really shows its seamlessness.

  6. That really makes a lot of sense, to create landscaping that not only reflects the home, but also the home's surroundings. Plus I would imagine that a garden will be more beautiful and successful if it's filled with native plants.