Ancient Art of Stone

Artists, partners and husband and wife, Vancouver Island's Andreas Kunert & Naomi Zettl  , have chosen stone as a medium for not only murals but stone walls, fireplaces, and garden sculpture. 

        A great option for a front entry retaining wall ..........minus the tree
   More than a unique way to design an entry, although I think I would have liked to see one type of plant repeated rather than the mix of cedars chosen.

                This team creates not only indoor, but complete outdoor kitchen and fireplace designs.

 A nice application of the two different stone techniques, creating almost a mural effect on the corner of this residence....again not loving the plant material, as I think it takes away from the magnificent wall art.
Could this stone portal and yellow ochre door be anymore inviting?

 Working with nature and the environment their stone designs bring a unique art form to the garden. For more of this talented teams work, you can go to theancientartofstone.com or their Facebook page to see how these pieces are actually created.