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One of the most important considerations when designing a landscape is to take your cue from the existing architecture. Before putting pencil to paper look and study what is already present and viable in the surrounding landscape. The finished installation should not only work as a functional space, but compliment the architecture, appearing as though it had been there for decades.


 Atlanta based landscape architect Richard Anderson has achieved this by not only taking a broad overall view of what was existing but by also paying close attention to design details that might be overlooked by an untrained eye. A good example being the driveway curbing he has chosen. Rather than the typical cobblestone border, Anderson chose to use large irregular shaped granite stones to line the driveway giving the design a very old world established informal feel.


  1. Dear Maryanne, thank you for this! The ferns, hostas and garden
    folly photo, spectacular! N.

  2. I just love the photos, so typically English. My home here in rural France is literally in the middle of a field. The roads have just been built around the house, so most of my garden is surrounded by the trees and wild flowers that always grew in the fields. I just try to cultivate a few bits here and there to blend in with the surrounds similar to the 1st photo. Thank you for showing such lovely pictures.