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Lilac Love

Lilacs, a classic flowering shrub loved  for generations will soon be  in flower again. Until recently this shrubs flowering season was all too short for most of us. With the introduction of " Boomerang ", the season can be extended well into fall.. This amazing little shrub will bloom in May just like all the others, but instead of  fading to the background, this consistant little lilac will re-bloom again in July and continue until frost. Lavender-pink blooms in abundance appear in May with a deeper darker richer purple bloom in summer and fall, colors perfect for the summer and fall garden.




Re-Blooming, fragrant, deer resistant, deciduous, a height 48"-60", spread 48"-60" rounded habit, full sun, well drained soil, ideal for small gardens and containers

all images via Pinterest


  1. These images have me longing for summer. Many years ago I worked in a studio in Paris next to Notre Dame, we would have huge vases of cut lilacs when they were available to swim in their gorgeous colour and scent. I cannot look at a lilac without thinking of those days now, perhaps I should be growing it in my garden.

  2. I can only imagine how wonderful those days must have been. If you are looking for a small lilac, that is very easy to care for, try "Miss Kim" we have one outside our dining room doors and when in bloom their fragrance is nothing short of wonderful.