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Gardens On A Roll

For all those wishing to wake one morning to a picture perfect perennial border, your wish is finally here. A company in the UK has come up with what I think is one of the most amazingly simple yet brilliant ideas to remedy your perennial planting woes.
Gardens On a Roll not only supplies you with the template, similar to those multi picture frame templates now available, but the plants you will need as well.
The paper template is simply rolled out in the area to be planted , once scored  and hole dug, the perennial is ready to be planting. Once planted, simplely mulch over the entire area as the paper will decompose naturally.


With so many books available now with perennial border plans, this idea makes for a wonderful solution when using your own plants in the garden.
images urban gardens and garden on a roll

1 comment:

  1. So interesting garden advice and so beautiful foliage and plants.Gardens are our refuge!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog Maryanne!
    Ciao! Olympia