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The Ubiquitous Burgundy Tree

We have all driven by them time and again, the lone burgundy tree growing in a sea of green. Not relating, not communicating to anything around it. Yes they are beautiful and yes the do serve a purpose but one red tree does not a landscape make. What it is that prompts a property owner to plant that one lone tree I have never been quite sure of.
Just as a well designed room's elements relate to one another in color form & texture so should your garden.
A small planting of Rosy Glow Barberry tucked into an existing planting bed would make a world of difference.
Purple Smoke Bush in the rear of  a border or side yard would move the color along nicely.
 Wine and Rose Weigelia nestled among a Dwarf Blue Spruce would help with the color and texture contrast as well.
Heuchera-obsidia in a perennial border or rock garden bring yet again a wonderful contrast when mixed with juniper.
Flowering Purple Plum could be added  not only for color but height.

A mass planting of the ground cover Ajuga to tumble over rocks or tucked into walls could easily be done.

Black Lace Sambucus makes an excellent substitution for a cutleaf maple if pruned correctly, and again would fit nicely into any burgundy design palette.
A planting of summer flowering Diablo Ninebark can create summer screening if planted close enough making for a more color balanced design
Colored pottery could be used as well , not only adding a new element to the garden but also the color needed to strengthen the overall design.
Balanced color throughout your garden is one of the many ways in which you can create a more uniform, visually pleasing as well as professional look to your landscape.


  1. So very beautiful....burgundy leaves have been out of fashion for so many decades here in Australia ...but lovely to see them coming back in the last few years after so long....I planted a black lace elderberry in my last garden and it was stunning...quite a brilliant plant.

    1. In the states the color is not as popular as years back , but you do still see that single tree.....Paris, I have never seen much burgandy at all, but the whole concept of landscape in Paris is very different.
      Love Black Elberberry it such a unique plant altough a difficult plant to work with in a traditional garden. I have it planted with a low yellow grass for color and texture contrast.

  2. I love this post!! Now we need an image that actually shows that tree with some of the plants you suggested. . . that would be hard to find. . . I'll wait to share this on my facebook page because I want to incorporate it into a blog post!

  3. Guilty as charged! I've grown lone Cotinus in the past and more recently a lone red Acer palmatum but this week I found another small red leaved Acer to accompany it and the difference is remarkable :)

    1. You are forgiven! Isnt Smoke bush a great shrub? I saw it planted a few years back with varigated miscanthus and procumbens juniper at of all places The Bronx Zoo...it was spectacular in bloom

  4. That huge jar is extremely beautiful, the colour brings out the best in the shrubs behind it. Very nice indeed !

  5. I'ts nice to incorporate not only plants but objects as well to bring some uniformity. I once saw a front door the brought the whole burgandy color together. thanks for noticing.