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When Summer is to Short to Wait for Tiny Annuals

With the mad rush to get all your flowering  pots completed in time for the Memorial Day celebrations do not limit yourself to those tiny little cell pots of annuals......those that have to be planted each year.......only to wait until late August for them to flourish.......Instead try using established perennials......those that return each year......along with your annuals and woody shrubs for immediate gratification.
When mixing different flower combinations in one pot try using just one type of plant in the accompanying pots. Visually it has a more pleasing almost calming effect on the eye.
 deborah silver
A combination of both woody plants and annuals helps to create a very stable arrangement and anchors the patio to the garden a bit more.
 deborah silver
For more interest try a little whimsy in your plantings. These cedar balls with grass base make a statement and would work in a traditional as well as contemporary garden. Again the accompanying pots are left simple.
 dirt simple
Not all plantings need to be flowering as this Coleus arrangement can attest to.
deborah silver
A combination of herbs, annuals and perennials would be perfect outside a kitchen door.
Fairy or iceberg roses and you will have blooms all season
Try planting established hanging baskets directly into standing pots
Single variety , single container, always a classic look

Mixing and matching , instant gratification!


  1. Maryanne, I am very late in planting this year (not my fault, of course) and this post was what I needed. Love the large urn planters, and adding all the colorful coleus, caladiums, impatiens, etc.
    Great post, my friend!