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First Impressions

Nneglected,  forgotten,  and often times not even considered,  curb side landscaping is what gives us our first impressions.  Way before a visitor has reached the front door an idea of who lives inside has been determined.

An important feature to the overall design of your property,  curb side landscaping should be designed with the same care and attention you give to the rest of your project. 

It should reflect in someway the rest of the landscape design, be it repeating masonry elements or certain plants.   

An excellent way of highlighting your home from the rest of the existing residences,  is to add your  stamp to this area.  A specimen tree,  uplighting,  brick or wood entry piers, entry gates,  or plantings can all serve to make the cubside landscape unique and truly yours. 
 diane terry

If you would like to add a more Classical feel to your garden please contact me for further information at mwhite841@verizon.net


  1. That's just lovely Maryanne. I've just signed up my Vancouver garden for an Art in the Garden event and so now am looking for "sprucing up" ideas. These all look a bit on the no-time-to-do-that side, but I love some of the little touches, like the purple paint as an accent and that grassy-Russian sage-cat mint stair garden as a doable thing. :)