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Art Luna Garden

A strong structural foundation,  first and foremost,  is evident in Santa Monica based landscape designer Art Luna's gardens. 

Taking his cue from the typical classic design model, Luna begins with structure,  creating room upon room with trees, hedging and shrubs. 

To this he adds his own unique stamp of texture, a mix of sustainable, arid and Brazilian  rain forest  vegetation, creating a one of a kind lush, vibrant setting for his clients. 

By adding the classic Moroccan and Portuguese themes, seen often in Luna's work, the overall design is strengthened and stabilized, giving weight and purpose to the plant material, as well as the hardscapes. 

.................and yes, this is the same  Art Luna, hairdresser to some of Hollywood's top stars

If you would like to add a more Classical feel to your garden please contact me for further information at mwhite841@verizon.net


  1. Breath taking - thank you for sharing such beautiful photographs.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful gardens. Luna's designs have a bit of a Tuscan feel as well with the towering Cypress trees...just beautiful!