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The Wonderful World of Paul Bangay

With a semblance of order taking shape ..........., mom coming to live with us, 3 major designs, my life in France and my son once again deploying, all have knocked me off course more than I would like to admit......... my life is once again on track. 

With a little luck and a lot less drama I will hopefully find the time to once again share with you my many years of design as well as continue to introduce not only new but not so new designers works to admire as well as learn from.

While away I stumbled upon an interview with Australia's best, the amazing Paul Bangay. In the video he dicusses a bit about himself as well as some of the whys and wherefores of his designs. Well worth watching if not for what Bangay says, then for the beautiful inspiring work. I especially love the front courtyard design with all the wonderful deep orange planters. Stunning!


Now if only spring would come!


  1. It's interesting that his garden designs are more about shape and texture than colour. He makes me want to have a big courtyard with beautiful greenery!

  2. Hit Publish too soon! Good to hear that things are back on track for you now :-)